Nepalese carpets are made of the highest quality fleece wool imported from Tibet, New Zealand and Britain. These carpets are available both in natural dyes and synthetic dyes with 60, 80 and 100 knots per square inch density. Specialized manufacturers may make even 120 knots per square inch density and more. Nepalese carpets are of various size that normally ranges from 16″X16″ to 9 feet X 12 feet. Nepalese hand knotted woolen carpet is one of the major export products of unique qualities like texture, color combination, resiliency, strength and durability. Designs are large and bold on a single dominant background. These carpets can be used either on the floor or hung on the walls.

A Step-by-Step Journey to Your Custom Rug

Theme Selection: Unleash your imagination and choose the theme that resonates with your vision. Let your creativity guide the design process.
Digital Rendering: Our skilled artisans transform your chosen theme into a captivating digital sketch, providing a visual representation of your custom rug.
Approval Process: We present you with a final sketch, allowing you to review and provide feedback before the weaving process commences. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.
Color Selection: Choose from an extensive palette of colors, including the vibrant range of ARS and Pantone colors. Personalize your custom rug with hues that reflect your style and preferences.
Strike-off Sample: To ensure precision and accuracy, we create a 2″x2″ strike-off sample. This tangible swatch allows you to envision the color combination and overall effect of your custom rug.
Final Graph: Based on your approved design, we develop a comprehensive and precise graph that serves as a blueprint for the weaving process, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.
Weaving Process: Skilled artisans bring your custom rug to life on the loom, employing traditional techniques and expertise. Witness the transformation of threads into an exquisite rug.
Your Perfect Rug: After meticulous weaving, your custom rug is ready to take center stage. Admire the culmination of your choices and our craftsmanship, as your vision becomes a reality.